Increase the efficiency of your building

Weishaupt / Neuberger offers an ideal solution in all areas and at all levels of automation in the building industry. Whether you need complete automation of the building system, part of the drive system or some special performance. With years of experience in various industry solutions, we guarantee that we will also offer you an optimal solution for automating the system. Weishaupt / Neuberger products are used in heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems. Special designs and special systems are used in breweries, swimming pools and the pharmaceutical industry (so-called "clean spaces").

Weishaupt / Neuberger combines the interaction of all technical elements in the best possible way. By using the ideal degree of usefulness of the energy you are using, you do not only save on unnecessary costs while at the same time increasing your comfort, but also giving you an active contribution to environmental protection. In addition, the high quality of all applied construction parts permanently contributes to a significant reduction in maintenance costs.
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