Water & waste water

Water supply systems aim to ensure continuous monitoring of levels, pressures, water flows, and other important water supply segments, all of which we do through remote control center and water detection and loss detection applications and water footprint inventory applications. Long years of experience in the implementation of the system of remote monitoring and management of water supply systems, legal changes as well as ecological awareness have resulted in the development of innovative solutions in the water supply area. With remote monitoring of the entire system and safe remote control of the equipment we use in the distribution of water, you get more quality, reliability and more economical supply with potable and industrial water.

When implementing water management and control projects, we take into account many of the elements that enable you to save the electricity consumed and monitor the loss of water in the system. The Duplico system is implemented by remote data transfer via a VPN GPRS connection that ensures reliable collection, processing and storage of information on the status of individual facilities, water supply, water production and water consumption,  and simple and clear presentation of the collected data with chronological records. It is used very easily on standard computer systems.

Remote control through an application to create a registry of the volume of water affected makes it simpler and safer to run optimization as well as daily, monthly, and yearly reports. An example of remote control is an application for detecting and reducing losses on water supply systems. It works by dynamically tracking and analyzing hydraulic changes on the water supply distribution system to control losses. By analyzing the results obtained with this application, we can easily define locations of leakage sites, thus saving some money for our clients and making the entire process easier.

Quality of our work, and in the Water supply department, is testified by our cooperations and current projects – we are building a regional water supply system and installing the GPRS telemetry system for Moslavina Kutina, Grubišno polje, waters of Bjelovar,  we undertake the reconstruction of the main facilities of the water supply system Veliki i Mali Zdenci, and the water supply system Grubišno polje, and we cooperate with the utility companies Đurđevac, Ključ, Orahovice, Delnica, Cline and Ozalj.

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