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Duplico Telemetry Systems, from 2006 to date, have been implemented on more than 1,200 stations for remote monitoring and management of water supply, waste waters, gas supply and heating systems.

By designing, developing electro-cabinets, PLC programming and SCADA applications related to telemetry solutions, Duplico offers complete solutions based on the “turnkey” principle. In addition to the solutions themselves, we are concerned about the security of transmitted telemetry data using our own proprietary patented secure data transfer method for telemetry data with FTP, UDP, TCP / IP and MODBUS over TCP / IP protocol in mobile GPRS, EDGE and UMTS network to static IP address server in GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, VPN and Internet Network, protected by the State Intellectual Property Office (P20050410).

We have developed a system of remote control and monitoring of odorisation gas stations implemented on odorisation stations throughout Croatia, as well as the telemetry remote reader for gas correctors – DuCom 2006, which is also the first Croatian remote reader device.

In cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb we have developed a pilot application for the production of natural gas consumption nominations, the volume of the affected water meter and the water leakage detection system.

We have registered a trademark M2e (Z20100246A), which deals with application and hardware design for systems that increase energy efficiency. The trademark is registered, inter alia, for devices for remote reading of electricity, gas, water, counted appliance management devices for the purpose of reducing energy consumption, forecasting energy consumption, taking into account meteorological and climatic conditions.

The market recognition of our telemetry systems is manifested through unique technical solutions that constantly meet market demands, which in the short term led us to the position of the leading company in the segment of making telemetry systems on distribution systems, drainage and wastewater treatment systems and the most demanding gas supply systems.

Complex infrastructure monitoring is required in the control of utility systems. Control systems must have good diagnostic tools and the possibility of immediate response. Reliable communications are often required by transferring selected information to the control center even if the connection between the center and the local subdivision is temporarily interrupted.

Duplico solution for control and surveillance is one of the best and leading on the market


  • High functionality in the control center and over local stations
  • Use of all widely accepted communication methods
  • Flexible architecture
  • Possibility of full-fledged architecture of the entire system, if neccessary
  • High reliability

Today, energy management in infrastructure facilities is becoming more and more important.

Our solutions are accepted on water and sewerage facilities, hotplates, remote heating management systems, power plants, communication systems and rail management systems.

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