Ina d.d. execution of electrical installation and MUR works as part of the G004 and G005 steam generator modernization project at Rijeka Oil Refinery.
Ina d.d. supply, installation and commissioning of deep-piston injector systems with piston rods for 13 wells
Oil Refinery Brod a.d. delivery of radar level gauges
Papuk plin d.o.o. PMRS PP Orahovica system for reading industrial gas consumers
Ina d.d. procurement, deployment and commissioning of water and hydrocarbon dew point analyzers
Pametna energija d.o.o. enabeling reading of data from the gas corrector Elster EK 220
Sladović d.o.o. production of an industrial gas reading system
EVN Croatia plin d.o.o. performing electroworks and making instruments for the construction of the smelling station Knin, Dugopolje, Šibenik and Biograd
Plinara Pula d.o.o. construction of smelling stations and metering stations on the distribution system of Plin (9 smelling, measuring control stations and metering points)
Termoplin d.o.o. Varaždin Supervisory Control System – 28 smelling, measurement regulatory stations and meters
Darkom Daruvar d.o.o. Construction of Daruvar smelling station
Montcogim plinara d.o.o. remote reading of the gas meter

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