Pliva Croatia d.o.o Manufacture of MV electrical installations for KVG and high current, VNS facility 54 – Packaging spaces
Pliva Croatia d.o.o Performing works on the design of electrical installations, installation and connection of safety elements on the SM-241 dryer
Pliva Croatia d.o.o Executing electro installation works in SMJ-2090-Azi dihydrate line, according to order IO700492, additional electro-lighting works on room A256 and new piping system from SM2 to VNS
Pliva Croatia d.o.o.Synthesis of SM2, Manufacture of fire extinguishers and fireproof seals for SM2
Pliva Croatia d.o.o Execution of power supply installations in building A seq 2 (phase 1.2) (6 cabinets)
Pliva Croatia d.o.o.Performing electrical and non-technology electrical installation on SM2 Synthesis facilities (12 cabinets)
Pliva Croatia d.o.o production of electrical installations for the gas detection system on the Building Zgrada kvalitete
Pliva Croatia d.o.o. Supply and installation of equipment for process electrical heating system of pipelines and tanks (5 cabinets)
Belupo d.d. Koprivnica Execution of Electro installation works as part of the construction of Belupo factory in koprivnica
Krka farma d.o.o. Performing electrical installation work within the extension of the production plant in Jastrebarsko
Pliva Croatia d.o.o. Works on wall and maintenance in Savska Marof

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