TE Plomin d.o.o. MCC (Control of electric motors) replacement of boilers and engine rooms
HEP Toplinarstvo d.o.o. Performing electroworks at 17 thermal stations in the City of Zagreb and at 8 stations in Cvijetno naselje, Velika Gorica
HEP Proizvodnja d.o.o. Performing electro and works on measuring, regulating and controlling the construction of a Steam Block boiler in TE-TO Zagreb based on the principle of “lock in hand”
HEP Proizvodnja d.o.o.Electrical work, measurements, regulation and management of the construction of the second low pressure steam boiler in the new boiler (2 × 35 t / h) in the plant Elektrana – toplana Zagreb, Zagorska 1
Psunj d.d. Delivery and installation of electro cabinets for boiler control Viviani Rešetari
HEP Proizvodnja d.o.o. Replacement of cooling water pumps in HE Rijeka
Dukat d.d. Design and installation of the control electrode of the boiler ORO 6,4 SA and the execution of electrosurgical works as part of the project for the replacement of boiler steam boiler Lora
Agroproteinka d.d. Installation of a new boiler in the Agroproteinka boiler
Pliva Croatia d.o.o. Performing the replacement of the medium-voltage substation of substation TS 5 SORBITOL
HEP Proizvodnja d.o.o. Construction of electro-works on the construction of a boiler for the new low-pressure steam boiler in the Plant of Power Plant – Toplana, Zagreb, Zagorska 1, by system ‘lock in hand’
Pliva Croatia d.o.o. conducting electrical installations for the construction of a transformer station and a low voltage divider in Savski Marof
Hep-Toplinarstvo d.o.o. Sisak Performing of the balancing system CTS Sisak
TPK Orometal d.d. Production, delivery and installation of electrocabinets boilers for boilers Dukat, Lora, Zvijezda, Kim Karlovac, Somboled, Kreševo ​​et al.
Heineken Hrvatska d.o.o. Installation and connection of equipment and installation of electrical installations in the boiler room of Karlovačka pivovara
Meggle d.o.o. Posušje Production of electrical installation and visualization for the boiler Megle Bihać
ACG Lukaps d.o.o. Monitoring and control of boiler room Lukaps, Ludbreg
Hep-Toplinarstvo d.o.o. Sisak Procurement of equipment and execution of works on the automation of the condensate recovery system
Hep-Toplinarstvo d.o.o. Reconstruction of boiler installation and installation of reactive energy compensation equipment
Hep-Toplinarstvo d.o.o. Zagreb Reconstruction of boiler installation and transformation in 17 thermal stations of the central heating system
Hep-Toplinarstvo d.o.o. Sisak Automation of heat stations and development of supervisory control system for the same (5 stations)
TPK Orometal d.d. Electro-electric and low-voltage electric motors, lighting, grounding and protection against the lightning of the steam boiler Hospira
TPK Orometal d.d. Production and delivery of control electrocabinet and execution of electrical work on the boiler room Tigar boiler and boiler Simpo
Neva d.o.o. Reconstruction of the Becomix plant management system and inclusion of the dosing system into the Becomix system
TDR kanfanar d.o.o. Supply, installation and commissioning of the TDR Kanfanar boiler plant management and control system

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