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myDatanet is the first standardized data retrieval system with MicroPower technology. Measurement data is collected with a wireless instrument, stored on a central server and visualized on the Internet. In addition, settings and configurations can be altered very efficiently via the Internet interface and then sent over GPRS to the instrument. All graphics and data are compatible with the excel file type.
The ability to leave the market very quickly, while new technology gives you a leading position
Standardized product without development costs
Save on initial and operational costs versus conventional data capture systems
100 times faster than SQL based performance
Optimized for world-class applications because it allows different languages, time zones, and number formats
Global access over the internet and mobile phones without ActiveX elements
A fully wireless instrument provides power to the sensor
Interval measurement of 1 minute to over - easily variable
Data link with variable transmission interval
Life span of battery up to 5 years for logging and data transfer
Compact and durable IP66, IP67 and IP68 enclosures with ATEX certification
Measurement data and instrument status with built-in automatic alarm
Fully embedded update system from metering center to metering point

The metering station sends data to the server.
The server saves metrics, the actual operating state of all cells, and their configuration data.
The user has limited access to the data. Writing permissions have been canceled except for non-critical settings.

Benefits of Low Cost:
No travel expenses due to unlimited remote access to the measuring stations
Great workforce savings for service, maintenance and start-up
Very low system setup costs

Measuring instrument:
Low power consumption - battery life up to 5 years
Storage capacity on instrument up to 5 months
GPRS data connection with easy-to-configure transmission interval
Compact dimensions and quality of IP66, IP67 and IP68 enclosures
Simple power supply via solar panel (optional)
Automatically transfer station settings to a replacement device without requiring manual reconfiguration

Web client:
Supports all browsers and operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, ...)
Access levels / user groups / billing categories
Simple installation and configuration of measuring stations
Automatic data synchronization when establishing a connection

Displays monthly graphs with 10 functions at a time
High level of protection due to UTO protocols and direct connections
Notification via SMS or e-mail
Various export-import functions over XML, FTP, WAP and HTTP

The graph shows the flow rate of gas / time, and the last values are seen bellow.All of these settings are completely configurable to the needs of the client. From Display Mode, Display Channels, Signals.
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