Current development in the energy and ecology sector requires increasing use of renewable energy sources in the world, leading to increasing pressure on manufacturers.  Technical innovations are constantly being introduced and production standards are geared towards increasing quality and productivity. Duplico M2e systems are specialized in process automation in these industries and offer manufacturers a range of products and services for the production process with high precision and efficiency.

The Duplico M2e system is characterized by the integration of standardized systems and components into custom solutions for each user individually. In recent times, we use Kuka robots that can be integrated into systems directly or with little modifications.

It is precisely robots that represent automation of production, and automation represents technological progress.
The process allows machines to take over jobs from people, but not in a way to replace them and make them unnecessary, but to improve and make their work more effective. For example, jobs that are uniform, dangerous or require a high degree of precision are often automated, enabling a worker to focus on logistics, quality control, and other tasks.

We are very experienced in automating industrial manufacturing processes in all their aspects, from consulting, planning, design to production operations. As a result, we know what we are saying as proven by numerous projects through comprehensive engineering services and integration experience, leading to effective solutions. We provide automation solutions within your budget and with very short development phases.

When it comes to sustainability, we collaborate with Kuka Robots to develop production methods that reduce the impact on enviromental resources.

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