Production of Electric Cabinets

Last year, the process of modernizing the production of electrical cabinets, the acquisition of the most technologically advanced machines and software, assembly tables and equipment, and the installation of pneumatic equipment in the work began.

Three-dimensional engineering and visualization, ‘smart wiring’, fully automated, quick and precise machining of control panels and complete electrical cabinets, marking, cutting and removal of wire insulation are just part of Duplico’s new production line.

Production begins in the technical preparation department in the Eplan program package. The complex platform covers all segments of production: from planning, through design and execution to production control. The result is unlimited possibilities for electro-design and manufacturing of electrical diagrams and accompanying documentation as the basis for production.

Production integration is defined in the Pro Panel CAE for 3D constructions, in virtual 3D wiring, in the 3D configuration of switching distribution and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), power supplies and copper busbars, and in data preparation for wiring and operation of manufacturing machines.

Wiring visualization and complete digitization of all the required data takes place in Production Wire, from which the data is sent to the production line, where the wire is assembled and prepared for installation in the cabinet.

The production line is made up of functionally-linked machines which, in the given order and by default, measure the wire at the given length, cut and remove the insulation and perform the coupling preparation.

Part of the platform is also Smart Wiring, an application for fully visualized and digitized wiring of electrical cabinets with a minimum of error. Production teams are equipped with tablets featuring applications, menus or 3D display cabinets, visualized wiring, and all wire features inside the cabinet with the ability to filter all the data and the wire direction itself inside the cabinet. The innovation and relevance of the application is in the current feedback on wiring status between production and technical preparation, current error message in the schematic or wiring process itself, and, most importantly, immediate feedback and correction of the schematic or instruction for wiring correction from technical preparation.

Before the wiring process itself, the control panel of the cabinets should be processed to set up the bus, the channel, the inlet and the other at the machining center. It is a compact Numerically Controlled Machine (CNC) operated on the basis of Eplan’s data, and serves for automated, fast, accurate and reliable handling of control panels and electrical cabinets. Its functions include drilling, milling, cutting, engraving, complete machine processing of compact and serial electrical cabinets, processing of prefabricated panels and doors, production springs, threads and openings of all sizes in various metal and non-metallic materials.

All the tiles and markings on the cabinets are engraved on a special laser, and the markings of the equipment inside the cabinets are printed on the ink jet printer, also in the works.
The culmination of the technology we offer, as part of the final product, is the fully digitized documentation of electrical cabinets, available free of charge in the ‘cloud’ (‘clue’) with the application

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