Oil & Gas Industry

Through our many years of experience in automation of the gas distribution system we have developed a series of models and applications. For you, we are running the whole system from start to finish – we are designing the conceptual solution, installation, management and commissioning of measurement and control instrumentation, parameterization and monitoring. We also offer systems for sample preparation, filtration and purification, pressure and heating reduction of gas causes. We provide a remote control system and overseeing of smelling gas cells that is implemented throughout Croatia. We use the first Croatian telemetry remote reader for gas correctors-DuCom 2006. Apart from being a general agent of the Russian manufacturer of moisture and gas analyzers, inhibitors and ultrasonic gas flow meters, called VYYMPEL, we also offer our own complete solutions. We have also implemented a sampling system for our own production, more precisely the analytical system with a combined unit for dew point analysis in one protective case.

We cooperate with the Faculty of Electronics and Computing in Zagreb and have developed a pilot application for the nominee creation of natural gas consumption. This application enables us to constantly monitor, collect and display different data on the part of reduction and smelling cells as well as remote control of valves at individual locations of the system, and this is very easy – through the GPRS network. Usage of the patented method of secure transmission of telemetry data in mobile GPRS, EDGE and UMTS networks to the static IP address of the server in GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, VPN and the internet network has been widely available in gas supply. This will make sure that you can compare measurements with transport system operators and more easily handle input data for entry into the nomination system.

As natural gas consumption is a system whose dynamics depend on meteorological data, day to week, year-on-year and growth in the number of customers, we use our own natural gas leakage detection system in distribution areas by constantly monitoring consumption on specific segments. We offer a solution by dividing the entire area into multiple segments by measuring the gas consumption on each of the segments in real time. This allows us to immediately determine large leaks in the distribution system, determine the likelihood of gas being stolen by reading the quantities and the quantity delivered measured by the system. We monitor the distribution area and identify the segment where gas is unexpectedly  coming out of the distribution network by comparing anticipated consumption and metering readings.

We provide you simplicity and security by having all the services in one place because experience has shown that long-term collaboration between the designers of the nomination program and the user is needed for defining, detecting and responding to the particularities of the observed distribution area.

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