Many large companies that operate in heating area have decided to supervise and manage their plants. Such a decision makes it simpler and more efficient to operate, increasing savings and reducing workplace error.  All the necessary devices are connected to allow the automatic operation of the entire plant with minimal interaction by the user – SELF DRIVEN SYSTEM.

Duplico d.o.o. is one of the leading companies in the field of heating modernization and automation. We are highlighting the modernization and automation of HEP Heating,  Sisak Plant. As part of the project, we have modernized two heat stations (TS Brzaj, TS 1) and a condensate recovery system at all heat stations. SCADA application enables tracking, monitoring of measured quantities (pressure, flow, temperature, etc.) as well as system operation management.

In Slavonski Brod we made roof boiler rooms for heating of buildings with heat pumps. Program application enables the user to monitor the system with detailed diagnostics of each particular device. Alarms and disturbances (alarms) are also provided through SMS messages.

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