Gas distribution

Through its many years of experience in gas distribution system automation, Duplico has developed a number of models and applications:

The system of remote control and overseeing of smelling gas station has been implemented on smelling stations throughout Croatia, as well as the telemetry remote reader for gas correctors – DuCom 2006, which is also the first Croatian remote reader repair device.

We have developed an application for reading the consumption of industrial gas consumers, and in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb we have developed a pilot application for the production of natural gas consumption nominations.

The patented method of secure transfer of telemetry data with FTP, UDP, TCP / IP and MODBUS over TCP / IP protocol in mobile GPRS, EDGE and UMTS networks to the static IP address of the server in GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, VPN and internet grid has found a wide application. The SCADA system allows collecting and displaying various data on the part of the reduction and smelling stations, and remote control of valves at individual locations of the system over a GPRS connection.

Telemetry of the reduction stations enables remote monitoring and control of the pneumatic valves.  At the same time, it is possible to receive and display the gas pressure measurement at the input and output from the reduction station, the temperature of the distribution cabinet and the nitrogen pressure in the pneumatic control valve circuit. Through our many years of experience in automation of the gas distribution system we have developed a series of models and applications.  The database records the measured gas pressure data at the inlet and outlet from the reduction station, nitrogen pressure, and temperature within the distribution and control cabinet of the reduction cell.

The telemetry of the smelling stations enables the reception and display of measurements of current flow, total gas flow and gas pressure. Remote setting of odorant concentration values in the gas is enabled. Same as with reduction cells, the presence of the main power supply and the open / closed door of the switchgear cabinet are monitored. The measures of the current flow and gas pressure, the smell concentration in gas, the level of smell in the tank, and the temperature within the smelting-control cabinet of the smelling cell, are archived in the database

All alarm events at the telemetry stations (reduction and smelling) are displayed on the SCADA application and archive the alarm event time, the alarm time of the operator, and the time of the alarm in the database. The operator is enabled to enter the alarm level values and to inspect the alarms from the past.


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