Energy management system

Through its energy management systems, Duplico offers efficient energy management in the building industry and firms. The energy management system is a tool for all areas of successful energy management that offers answers to the following questions:

Who is the largest energy consumer in the system?
Is large spending justified?
What is the specific consumption (in terms of product, surface area, outdoor temperature)?
What are the greatest savings potentials?
Which investments are justified and why? What are the return effects of the investment?

We registered a "Machine to Environment" (Z20100246) trademark representing energy management systems and increasing the energy efficiency we have developed and applied in all of our solutions and projects.
The Machine to Environment trademark has the following products and services that are part of our offer:

Devices for remote reading of current, gas, water consumption
Wireless sensors whose measurements are used to control devices to reduce energy consumption;
Computer applications for energy management;
Automatic device management systems for the purpose of reducing energy consumption;
Data collection devices for energy consumption;
Illumination devices controlled by computer applications that reduce energy consumption and use wireless sensor measurements
Research on wireless technology to increase energy efficiency;
Development of hardware to increase the energy efficiency of computer applications for the purpose of increasing energy efficiency;
Provision of remote readings of electricity, gas, water consumption for the purpose of monitoring the increase of energy efficiency;
Generating reports and analyzing energy consumption in order to increase energy efficiency;
Prediction of energy consumption, taking into account meteorological and climatic conditions;
Counseling measures for more efficient energy management;
Development of hardware for the purpose of increasing the energy efficiency of the development of computer applications for the purpose of increasing energy efficiency;
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