Boiler rooms

We are one of the leading companies dealing with modernization and automation in heat engineering. The basic task of the boiler plant is the transformation of the chemical energy of fuel into heat energy, and the main part is the steam boiler that serves to transform the energy. In Duplico, the construction of energy, heat and process systems is a separate area. High quality boiler plants provide an increased heat transfer and a high degree of performance and environmental protection. Boilers are used in plants where the need for steam is conditioned by the technological process – such as bakeries, kitchens and industrial facilities. Duplico enables you to monitor and manage your facilities, as it provides you with a simpler and more efficient business, increasing your savings, and reducing errors in your work.We perform the connection and automatic operation of the entire plant with your minimal interaction and we have created a “self driven system”.

An example of high quality design is the roof heating boiler for heating of buildings with heat pumps that we have built in Slavonski Brod. We have also modernized and automated two heat stations as well as a heat recovery system for all heat stations for HEP Heating, Sisak Plant. Innovation that you can get from us is tracking and monitoring the system with detailed diagnostics of each special device and boiler, as well as alerting disturbances and disturbances via alarm via SMS messages.

We have many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and functional releases in electrical cabinet work. Among our products are also cabinets for boiler room managment, also there are cabinets boiler rooms and for measuring and regulating equipment.

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