About us

Duplico d.o.o. was founded in 2002 and today, as leaders in technological innovations we have a wide range of products and services to offer to the market, most of which based on our own innovative solutions.

We are certified partners for Siemens, PcVue and GE Intelligent Platforms, and we specialize in:

  • implementation of solutions in the industrial automation of manufacturing and utility companies,
  • remote monitoring and management of municipal infrastructure,
  • installation of automatic control system for steam and hot water boilers in boiler rooms in the country and abroad,
  • management and control over the use of renewable energy sources (gas, water, etc.),
  • robotics.

In Croatia and abroad, we design and execute electro-works, control and management systems in energy and buildings as well as telemetry stations, as part of the pharmaceutical, food and petroleum industry. We program SCADA software and create energy management electric cabinets.

Our main market adventage is innovation. Throughout the years, we have, independently and in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, developed many innovative solutions implemented in many utility companies and cities of the Republic of Croatia.We highlight the gas consumption nomination system and water pipe leakage detection system and its own patented secure telemetry data transfer method (P20050410) implemented in over 1000 stations of remote monitoring and management of water supply, waste waters and gas supply systems across the Republic of Croatia. We registered a “Machine to Environment” (Z20100246) trademark representing energy management systems and increasing the energy efficiency we have developed and applied in Duplico.

In its 17 years of experience, we have carried out over 3000 projects and achieved outstanding cooperation with large companies from the pharmaceutical, food and petroleum industry as well as with leading energy and construction companies in Croatia and abroad.

One area of ​​activity is the implementation, rental and maintenance of printing solutions in the Republic of Croatia. In addition to the general Sharp printing solution, we also offer Lexmark, Brother and Developer printing solutions. As part of the implementation of large-scale printing solutions, we have created a set of advanced MFP Cloud tools that allow users to add, manage, and print documents from any point in the world from any registered multifunctional device. For the same thing, we registered a trademark at the State Intellectual Property Office under the number Z20111674.

Based on the implementation and maintenance of printing solutions, Duplico has been working with more than 1000 customers, with more than 500 contracts for rental and maintenance of print solutions. Some of the most important clients in the printing solutions segment are: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nature, Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb, Croatian National Bank, Adriatic Insurance dd, National and University Library, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Ministry of Justice (Municipal, County Courts and Misdemeanor Courts), the County of Zagreb, the Association of Independent Trade Unions of Croatia, Alstom Hrvatska doo, Primary Schools and Kindergartens of the City of Zagreb and its surroundings…

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